Ceremony and celebration interpreters Germany

1 Translation at ceremonial events in Wuppertal
Translation at ceremonial events in Wuppertal
P   2 years ago   Interpreters   Wuppertal
Interpreter in Wuppertal, Germany. Translation at special events. Translation languages: Russian, English, Italian. I work with different topics and types of translations: oral and written translatio...

45 € per hour
325 € per day

1 Interpreter services for the registry office in Berlin
Interpreter services for the registry office in Berlin
P   2 years ago   Interpreters   Berlin
Business translator for negotiations in Berlin, Germany. I will also consider traveling to neighboring regions, as well as remote translation. Interpreter services for the registry office. Translatio...

25 € per hour
180 € per day


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Ceremony and celebration interpreters in Germany

Interpreter for marriage, wedding or baby naming ceremonies in Germany

Are you getting married in Germany? Do you, your partner or witnesses have limited local language skills?  Or, perhaps you have guests coming to your ceremony who don't understand the local language? You may need a wedding or marriage ceremony interpreter in Germany. According to the law in Germany, if either of the couple or the official witnesses do not speak/understand the local language fluently, an interpreter will be required. The couple and witnesses must fully understand the legal parts of the ceremony, which may include legal vows. It is best to hire a certified interpreter and also important, that the interpreter must be a person other than a member of the wedding party. Where a family or friend is used as an interpreter the celebrant must be confident that he/she is doing the job properly. The Interpreter must provide a statutory declaration, before the wedding, stating their fluency in the relevant language. After the wedding ceremony, the interpreter must provide a certificate of faithful performance of his or her services. 

If you are having a non-legal ceremony, like a Baby Naming, a Vow Renewal, or a Commitment Ceremony, and your guests do not speak the local language, you can use a ceremonial interpreter Germany, so that the guests understand what is happening.


Interpreter for celebrations and birthdays in Germany

We like joy, that is why we always celebrate something: birthdays, anniversary, a corporate holiday, banquets, mother's day and father's day, purchase of a house, entry into a new school, university, new project, marriage, children... the list is endless. If you decided to invite your foreign friends or colleagues who do not speak the local language to one of such celebrations you should make sure you have booked an interpreter for a celebration in Germany. Interpretation aspects of any celebration events shouldn’t be underestimated in importance as you probably do not want that your foreign guests get bored. All opening and closing speeches and proposed toasts during celebrations, including personal conversations, will require an interpretation.