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1 Interpreter for diplomatic receptions in Bielefeld
Interpreter for diplomatic receptions in Bielefeld
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An experienced translator and interpreter in Bielefeld, Germany. Translator for diplomatic receptions. fast and high-quality translation, negotiable price. Translation languages: Russian, English, Ger...

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Diplomatic protocol interpreters - Germany

Diplomatic protocol interpreters - Germany

Diplomatic interpreting is usually performed by internal conference interpreters employed by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, if the meeting is large or several meetings are planned at the same time, one or two interpreters may not suffice and you may need to hire a diplomatic interpreter to accompany an official delegation of a foreign country. Diplomatic protocol interpreting - Germany may be needed in a variety of situations, including high-level conferences, official visits, press conferences, interviews, working lunches or dinners, speeches, ceremonies, working meetings.

Diplomatic interpreters - Germany most of the time perform consecutive or whispered interpretation (chuchotage) and only rarely simultaneous interpretation. They mostly interpret only the speeches of their own delegation because the other delegation usually has its own interpreter. Diplomatic interpreting requires strict confidentiality as they are often working with secret information. Additionally, they need to have an in-depth knowledge of political affairs and issues, excellent command of at least two languages, protocol-related arrangements.

The price of diplomatic interpretation services - Germany can be very high, that is the reason why many organizations try to limit the number of languages to several official languages. Because of this, there is a market for freelance diplomatic interpreters, which can be hired several times a year for certain meetings without having to pay them a salary for the whole year. Depending on the country your delegation travel, here you can find cost-effective diplomatic interpreters from English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, and some other languages.